Arqiva 5G

Arqiva 5G



  • To help introduce 5G technology to the industry
  • Showcase 5G’s potential speeds

The beginning of 5G

The beginning of 5G

Arqiva came to us looking for a way to provide a visual representation of 5G’s capabilities over distance. We produced a VR enabled tour, that showcases transmission speed, distance and key facts about the new 5G trial network to be used at a their demo office in London as well as at expo’s.

Map Navigation

Integrated map shows location and viewing angle.

VR Enabled

Fully VR integrated tour.

Bespoke Branding

Fully integrated with Arqiva’s branding.

High-Res Photosphere

High resolution rooftop photosphere.

Custom Hotspots

Bespoke hotspots demonstrating key features of the tour.

Media Integration

Media integration allows users to view key facts and figures about the 5G network.

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